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It seems like almost every day, there’s a new corporate scandal.

Whether it’s clothing companies paying their labor force pennies, then making outlandish environmental claims that they can’t back up

Or companies falsifying financial records and profits, wiping out tons of value invested in them…

Or companies throwing tons and tons of pollution into the environment, making things more inconvenient for our kids and grandkids to clean up at the very least, and downright toxic at worst…

It’s very tough to find anyone who’s looking to do good anymore these days.

That’s especially true when it comes to investing.

Too often, even when you invest in an index fund or a mutual fund, there are all kinds of companies in there that aren’t really helping people.

You have tobacco companies disguised as big multinational “holding companies”…

Soft drink and snack companies who, let’s be honest, are really just selling us packaged sugar, salt, and preservatives…

Even “enlightened” tech companies stomp out the first mention of the word “unionization”… and conduct mass-layoffs at the first sign of decreased profits.

It’s all a little too much… and honestly, we’re sick and tired of it!

That’s why we decided to start this site: to bring you honest, straightforward information about investing that doesn’t make you feel like an oily robber baron.

We want to show you that it is possible to make money while also supporting companies that are actually doing good.

And of course, if we make a mistake about a company or fund, then we want to own up to it, and figure out how to avoid it in the future.

Making money, on its own, is not “bad” or “evil.”

I know it can seem that way sometimes… with how many awful companies are out there.

And even with things like crypto scams, environmental scandals, union-busting–I get it. All of these things get the headlines.

But it’s still more than possible to make an “honest” buck out there.

And this site is going to show you how to do it.

Decent Investor

November 2022